First ambassador to my parents garage


It was night time. I don’t remember exactly where the dream began but most of it took place in the old house where I grew up in Golden Hills. There was some kind of disturbance… like the electricity went out or something... I don’t recall exactly, but I remember walking out the front door attempting to figure out what was going on.

It was dark. I feel like I had somebody with me, but the persons identity kept changing and doubling into more people… and some times the people weren’t there at all.

In various spots on the outside of the house we had surveillance equipment like in the store where I used to work, but in the dream it was sort of two-way surveillance equipment. The cameras had audio and seamed to be combination stereo and light projectors.

Basically when we came out from the house they were projecting strange white lights. Also loud sounds of some one speaking extremely deep slowed down… This wasn’t normal obviously… so anyway, I ran around to the back of the house and peered threw the rear door to the garage, which was open.

The lights were on and, nearly immediately, a really strange looking man pushed through the door almost walking into me. He had extremly blonde, almost artificial looking hair, cut in strange designs -like Vanilla Ice only more obscure-…

His eyebrows were pointy like a Vulcan and he was doing something… I don’t remember what… moving objects from one place to another… rearranging things?!?! I don’t know. My memory on this is so hazy.

I decided he was from outer space… which seemed to require no further deducing on my part, because I settled on that pretty quickly.

Also I think he had accomplices working along side him but… IDK. I don’t think I really was paying attention to them… But him… I remember I was scared of him at first… He was tall… and he seemed sort of emotionless and dry… perhaps angry… maybe, I thought, he was just SO DETERMINED to finish whatever the hell he was working on that he had little regard for whoever or whatever got in his way.

In a split instant though, my attitude toward him and his people switched to that of acceptance, accommodation and faith. I had never seen an alien before after all, How many times had they come before this? for all I knew, maybe I and my disappearing-reappearing dream cohorts were the first ambassadors to my parents garage… (Gotta represents sucka! )

Yee…So, with this in mind, I offered to help him move whatever he was moving and just sort of treated it like he belonged there. He seemed pleased… And anyway he continued on with his work.

There was a girl there standing behind me suddenly in a purple sweater, who I apparently worked with, and she seamed impressed that I was able to defuse this potentially volatile situation… or whatever…

Dad was there now too, and so was my friend Travis who started requesting songs from my dad like he was a rock star… (My dad and Travis have never met before –p.s.).

Anyway… The girl and I attributed our ability to make peace with the aliens to our experience as “certified sales associates”at the plaid pantry…